A SpeakDoc is your document with a QR Code embedded on it. The SpeakDocs can be printed and distributed to your clients, who then can listen to the audio version of your document in 1 of 26 languages by simply scanning the QR Code. A SpeakDoc is made up of all of the components listed below:

Text To Speech

Use SpeakDocs to generate an audio version of your document. We support 26 languages. The following document types are supported: Word, Powerpoint and Excel


Our platform allows more than just text to speech! Use SpeakDocs to translate your document in up to 26 languages and create and audio version for each.

Audio Distribution

SpeakDocs generates an audio file in MP3 and WAV file formats which you can download and distribute. A link is also provided so alternatively you may choose to just distribute the link.

QR Code Generation

SpeakDocs generates a QR Code for each audio file that is created. This QR Code can be downloaded and distributed. Recipients simply scan the QR Code to listen to the audio file you created.

Social Sharing

Once you have generated your SpeakDoc, you can share:

  • the SpeakDoc (Document with QR Code embeded)
  • the audio file and/or
  • the QR Code using social media.

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